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The 7 best alarms to know the price of bitcoin 2018

Alerts with the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

If you have any investment in bitcoins, you are probably used to checking their price on different Internet portals. The price has been growing alarmingly in recent months, exceeding $11.475, and although in the last few hours is suffering a significant decline, it continues to be a good long-term investment.

For all those interested, there are several sites that send alerts so that we are always informed of the price of bitcoin, as well as other similar currencies. In this list we will talk about some options:

It allows us to configure different types of alerts. It is possible, for example, to ask that you send an email when one of the currencies passes a specific price, or have a daily summary with the value of each coin set. The free option only allows one type of alert, but is able to track 18 different currencies.

Send a free email per week, although you have a payment option based on credits (10 credits cost $ 2) so we can request different types of alerts by email and SMS.

simple and practical option that allows you to configure alerts by email and SMS so that you send an email each time the bitcoin passes one value or lower another. It is not necessary to create accounts.

Similar to the previous option, but offers more information with graphs and evolution of the bitcoin price. 

It allows us to create an account to receive bitcoin price alerts, but it does not send daily summary emails, only alerts that indicate when it leaves a predefined margin. It is based on the market data of

Bitcoin Alert

Option for android devices, to have the values ​​always at hand.

Alerts platform that shows the variation of different currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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